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Lara Bingle has been leveled with claims that her suit underwear swimsuit collection for Cotton On Body features copies from another designer.

Swimsuit designer Lisa Marie Fernandez womens bikinis sale has publicly accused the model of copying her label's signature style for her Lara Bingle For Cotton On Body range.

Fernandez, whose distinctive swimsuits are made cheap swimming suits of neoprene and feature zips has also called out other swimwear labels for 'shamelessly copying [her] product'.

'Shamelessly copying': Lisa Marie Fernandez has accused Lara Bingle for stealing her designs for her Cotton On Body swimsuit collection.

The designer, whose wares have been worn by celebrities including Rihanna and Olivia Palermo, told the Daily Telegraph that while she had once befriended Bingle, she would soon be taking up the issue with Cotton On.

'I haven’t spoken to Lara since her collection has come out… I was planning on seeing her and bringing it up,' she revealed.

'I don’t know how much power she has with a big company like Cotton On (Clothing).'

Copy cat alert? Lara is known to be a fan of Lisa Marie Fernandez swimsuits and was seen wearing one at Bondi Beach in February 2011

Lara's Cotton On collection and Fernandez's designs both feature zip-up one piece suits.

While Lisa Marie's zip-front swimsuit retails for around $330, Lara's one-piece costs just $29.

A source close to Lara told the Mail Online that Fernandez' accusations are 'just a grab for attention'. kubge1547

'Many of these people have been shamelessly copying our product': Swimwear designer Lisa Marie Fernandez is taking action against Cotton On, who sell Lara Bingle's swimsuit collection, claiming they have copied her designs


Now she's just showing off! Lara has been promoting her swimsuits via sexy Instagram selfies

A representative for Lara had no comment when contacted by the Mail Online.

A spokesperson for Cotton On told the Mail Online they hadn't received any communication from Lisa Marie Fernandez.

'Ms  Fernandez has not contacted the Cotton On Group to explain her concerns,' the spokesperson said.

'If Ms Fernandez chooses to progress this matter, Cotton On will vigorously defend the proceedings and it will enforce its right to protect its reputation and the integrity of the Cotton On Group’s experienced in-house design teams.'

Fernandez says she'll be taking up the issue Cotton On as well as other swimsuit labels this week.

Lara's next project is an underwear collection launching in March.



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